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Horse Riding Mixed Synthetic Saddle Adjustable Tree Ride 2

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Adjust the saddle to your horse's build.


Perfect Fit System

The Perfect Fit System makes changing the gullets quick and easy. The withers can be widened to fit your horse.

Gullet angle

S tree = 11"
M tree = 11.8"
L tree = 12.6"


Made from injected polypropylene with an interchangeable tree. Highly durable while still flexible enough to be comfortable for the horse.

Main component

Made from highly durable polyurethane. The cantle is reinforced using two layers of the material. The entire saddle can be washed with water.

Saddle trial

You can try out the saddle before purchase. See conditions in store.


General purpose saddle for both jumping and flat work.


3" deep seat. made from injection-molded foam lined with a thin layer of highly comfortable felt.


The panels are made with polyurethane foam making them quite durable (very soft). Panel are injection-molded to make them perfectly symmetrical. maximizing the horse's comfort. The wool enables the saddle to perfectly fit the contours of the horse's back.

Knee rolls

Detachable knee rolls in the front and back. Ensures a perfect fit for each rider.


3 triangularly-positioned billet straps ensure pressure from the webbing is very well distributed. and the saddle remains very stable on the horse's back. The billet straps can be removed and replaced in case of wear.

Stirrup leathers

Made from stainless steel mobile chain. Riveted onto a very sturdy tree.

Sold with

Saddle sold with its cover. Sold without stirrup irons or stirrup leathers. Sold with 3 trees (S. M. L. with M already in the saddle). plus a tool to change the tree. as well as a sizing chart to help you choose the right size tree for your horse.








Saddle covered with polyurethane-coated microfibers; polypropylene (PP) tree; polyurethane (TPU) strap; polyurethane foam filling. stainless steel hardware.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place. Protect the saddle using its cover.

Care Instructions

Wash with clean water. Glycerine soap can be used. Rinse with clean water.


2 Years



Adjust the saddle to your horse's build. Versatile saddle with an adjustable tree to fit your horse's build. Adjustable tree sold with three gullet widths: S. M and L.



User comfort

Seat and knee pads padded with foam.


Detachable front and rear knee rolls help keep the leg in the right position.


Made from ultra-durable polyurethane.


Weighs 14.6 lbs. when equipped.


Perfectly symmetrical injection-molded foam panels.

Anatomic design

The tree can be opened to fit the horse's build.



confirmed riders. riding 2 to 4 times a week. multi-purpose saddle suitable for flat work and jumping.