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Horse Riding Rubber Jointed Pelham Bit

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Powerful action. soft contact.


Technical description

Stainless steel Pelham bit with rubber mouthpieces (21 mm diameter). Equipped with a curb chain.


2 different actions: raising effect for the rein location on the bit ring. Lowering effect for the rein located on the second ring. which has a lever effect with the curb chain. The second ring provides pressure on the bars of the mouth that can be quite strong.


Stainless steel and natural rubber.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place.

Care Instructions

Rinse the bit in fresh water after each use. For in-depth cleaning. remove the bit from the bridle. Rinse it in hot water. then clean using a sponge. Dry the bit before returning it to the bridle.


2 Years



The Pelham can be used with 2 or 4 reins. It combines soft contact with the mouth of the horse through the rubber mouthpiece with a lever effect that has a strong action on the horse's mouth.




Quite severe action: bit with lever effect. curb chain. rubber mouthpieces.


Helps the neck to relax: lever effect bit. curb chain.

User comfort

The rubber softens the pressure on the corners of the mouth and doesn't get cold



horses who carry their head high or are difficult to stop and have a sensitive mouth. for experience and expert riders only.